Our sales services are tailored to meet the individual requirements and goals of each client. These can include: field sales, telesales, van sales targeting specific customer groups or geographical areas accessing our extensive existing database.

New Product Launch and Development

With over 18 years experience in new product launches we are the ideal partner to ensure success. By engaging our wholesale and retail partners your products will be available to a large number of consumers in a short period of time.


Using our own fleet of vehicles and carefully selected distribution partners we are able to provide a total service to include taking ownership and delivery of your products into our distribution centre.

Transfer Ordering

We are also able to work with a distribution partner of your choice, or one of our existing partners throughout the UK, Northern and Southern Ireland. Our experienced field sales staff will capture orders and transfer those to the selected distribution partner, whether an independent wholesaler, symbol group RDC or multiple operator.

Audit and Reporting

This service can be carried out either as a specific task or in conjunction with any other sales activity to maximise your return on investment.


Our team will ensure visibility of your products and POS material at any given point of purchase, whether that be cash and carry, convenience store or multiple retailer.

Trade Days

Our merchandising and sales team can ensure visibility and availability at trade days throughout the UK, maximising your return on those investments.

Product Sampling

We have a vast experience in product sampling in a wide range of venues including: cash and carry, retail stores, sporting events, colleges and universities, street sampling etc.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a large number of contacts across a range of activities such as: a variety of sports and music events, from which we can select an appropriate partner for your brand.

In-House Design

Our in-house designers can create anything including: packaging design, advertising media, POS material, trade or press advertisements, social media banners, leaflets of any kind, sales presenters etc.

Social Media

We can create and implement a social media campaign demographically targeted to maximise consumer activation and awareness.


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Tailored solutions work with some of the best companies and brands in this sector and have helped them to deliver cost effective customer winning solutions.

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